Coaching with Michelle Barr

Frequently Asked Questions


Michelle loves to work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs to connect with their Soul Purpose and express that in their business and their life. She helps them build businesses that support and sustain the life they want to live and allow them to make money while making the difference they seek to make in the world. Her clients are Helpers and Healers, Intuitives, Psychics and Mediums, Coaches, Speakers, Teachers, Authors, Creatives and Artists, Therapists, Nurses, and anyone else in the Human Potential Movement and seeking to build a platform that includes personal and Spiritual growth and development and transformation.



Coaching with Michelle focuses on both the internal and external work that is required to build a sustainable, profitable business by offering programs, products and services that speak to both:
1) The Marketing to make it work
2) The Mindset to make it happen
Michelle specializes in helping those who seek to make a big difference in the world aligned with their Soul Purpose who struggle with marketing, sales, systems, processes, and money in ways that significantly hold them back. She is an expert at helping you marry Vision with Strategy to create the personal and business success you desire and deserve.



Michelle takes a small number of new private clients each month into her business to work with 1:1, and you could be one of them right now. Get started by filling out the application for your complimentary Strategic Vision Session. Michelle always meets you where you are and designs a plan for you that is authentic to your unique personality and expression. Her work with you is always tailor made for you, and she works with you energetically intuitively and strategically.



Michelle works by phone, Zoom, and Messenger with people all over the world.

VIP Days are in person unless otherwise requested, and she will have you travel to her in the Dallas, Texas area, meet at another location, or travel to you. This is negotiable.



Coaching with Michelle is a significant investment in yourself. You will receive intensive, personalized delivery of her services orchestrated for your needs. If you’re ready to accelerate yourself into quickstart mode or are looking for help to get unstuck from somewhere you’ve been stuck way too long, Michelle is an expert at helping you move forward quickly in the direction of your dreams and desires and supporting you in staying in action that brings you results, all while clearing, healing, and resolving what is getting in your way.

Your next step is to fill out the Strategic Vision Session application below. You will then be contacted with a link to set up a time to speak personally with Michelle.

A Personal Note: I love talking to you, and I believe every conversation is a Divine Appointment. I come to the call without attachment to whether you hire me or not. I am here to help you make a decision, Yes or No. That is the only way to move forward. I have ways we can work together that require different levels of investment. You are investing in yourself through me. It is an investment. I never ask you to do anything that I haven’t already done myself. I have not been without a Coach since 2009. I have consistently invested in my training and growth and development, in my business and in myself, uplevel after uplevel.

What I want you to know is that when you come to the call, your “stuff” may very well come up, whatever it is. You may feel resistance, or sudden confusion, both fear and excitement. We can work with that. I ask that you do not come to this call if you are going to engage with me and then say, “No money.” If you are in a place where you honestly feel or believe that you do not know how you could pull together $1000 or more to invest in yourself and change the trajectory of your life and your business, then you are not ready for this call. It won’t serve you, and it takes the space of someone who can come to the call ready for what is being offered. The great news is, you could be not ready one instant and ready the next. That’s up to you.

I promise you that I am not going to fall into your money story. I wouldn’t be showing up and doing my part if I did. Come uncertain. Come scared. Come confused. Come skeptical. Come conflicted. Come certain. Come confident. Come clear. Come believing in yourself and my ability to help you. I get it all.

Do not come with no true desire to make an investment in yourself of some kind. Then, if I help you decide it’s a no for me or for now, we’re good. We’re really good. And, if you decide it’s a Yes! Now! We’re great!

I am waiting for your call and excited to help you move forward. Thank you.