Are You Ready To Create a Brand 

That Will Move You And Your Work Forward In The World?

Hi! I’m Michelle Barr, teaching you how to Be the Contribution you are here to be and get paid well for it.

 Imagine getting paid well to do your SOULs work.

 Imagine dramatically increasing your INCOME and IMPACT.

 Imagine creating a VISION of the LIFE you want to live and then creating a BUSINESS that supports and sustains that.

 I am here to tell you, YES, YOU CAN! It is so doable. It is so possible. I can show you how.

I am giving away the BRAND YOU Pre-work I give all my Clients when they step in to work with me.


This is the Starting Point for Branding Yourself as a Personality Brand and getting yourself and your work out into the world and the marketplace.
Dive into the 4 P’s of Your Personality Brand.
Do the POWERFUL exercise for each one.
Then I show you how to come up with your first valuable content plan and signature talk.
Get the Pre-work all my clients get when they start working with me.