Build a Money Making Coaching Business

10 Week Workshop

We Begin October 15, 2019 and Finish the Year Strong!

Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur and Spiritual Entrepreneur in the Making,

I am SO EXCITED about this, and if it’s for you, I would love for you to join me!

This program comes with everything you need to start having the coaching business you dream of. First, there was Spiritual Business School. Then, there was Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women.

NOW, a business building and growing course specifically for those who want to build a COACHING business as a way to serve at their highest and best.

AND it comes with a PAYMENT PLAN that works for you while I work with you. I’m just saying that up front, so you don’t start spinning into your money stories about why you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t right now. STOP THAT!

What’s Included:

This program will show you:

  • How to Package and Sell Your Expertise and Gifts
  • What to Actually Do with and for Your Coaching Clients Once They Hire You – These are the two biggest fears and blocks people come to me with!
  • How to Create an Online Branded Platform
  • What You Need to Build the Well-Oiled Machine that Brings Clients Running Toward You with Their Hands Raised – You only have to build this once, and it will work for you forever!
  • How to Price Your Services and Get Paid Well for What You Bring to the Table
  • What You Can Do to Create a Mindset that Supports You and How to Get Out of Your Own Way – Doing the Energetic Work is Key!

During our time together, you will:

    • Create a Clear Message and a Clear Offer
    • Build Your First 1:1 Client Package and Sell It
    • Put the Pieces in Place that Bring Your Aligned Potential Clients to You
    • Develop and Implement Your 90-Day Valuable Content Plan
    • Understand How to Use Facebook as Your Power Tool


10 Weeks of Training, Along with…

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to my 21-Day Soul Brand Solution Kickstarter, so you can start working with me NOW
  • 10 LIVE Calls with me
  • Video and Audio Recordings of all Training Modules
  • Access to video recordings of LABS where I focused on specific people and their business and coached them through it
  • Attendance at 2 LIVE LABS
  • Private Facebook Group where I show up to answer your questions and provide guidance and feedback
  • Supplemental Materials from Spiritual Business School and Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women
  • Your Homework will be actual DELIVERABLES that you will receive feedback about and take out into the marketplace
  • BONUS FOR EVERYONE: Immediate Access to my New Money Vibration 30-Day Energetic Clearing and Healing Journey


ATTN: Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Do you believe that where a Desire exists, a way has already been made? I DO! It is safe to follow your Desires. In fact, it will bring you the best life.

I am calling to you to Take Inspired Action. It is what I stand for. I make a clear ASK. I begin immediately looking for the opportunities I know are already showing up all around me. I follow the breadcrumbs. I say, Yes, and step in!

Take Action…

… because you are ready to LIVE ON PURPOSE

… from your Desire to get your gifts out into the world and make the IMPACT you are here to make

… with the INTENTION to Be the Contribution You Are Here to Be and Get Paid Well for It

This is a three-fold Journey. You learn to trust Yourself. You learn to trust Spirit. You learn to trust the Process. I am here to share this journey with you. TRUST ME to lead you. TRUST YOURSELF to take the step.

You will get ACCESS to the Soul Brand Solution 21-Day Kickstarter Journey and the New Money Vibration Program immediately upon enrolling. You can start TODAY.


YOUR INVESTMENT is $697 or $77 weekly for 10 weeks


SAY YES. Step in.


CLICK HERE: YES, I want to Pay In Full and receive the BONUS Private Session with Michelle!

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Upon registration and payment, I will get you all set up, and you can jump right in to the Soul Brand Solution 21-Day Kickstarter Journey and the New Money Vibration Program. If you need to talk with me first, send me a message. Let’s do this! I’m ready if you are.