I am often asked what is the work I do and how do I do it. This is my Unique System, the way I work with my clients and students and the way I first transformed my own life. Here is the foundation for my work. I serve people through this work in many different ways, including my Private Coaching, my Group Coaching, along with my ongoing products, programs and services. I invite you to read this and then click on the Contact Tab above so we can talk more.


Discover: Begin creating awareness. Whatever you are ready to work on and release will show up. Learn to work with the unconscious, subconscious and conscious to bring to the surface what no longer serves you so that you can shift it and move forward, out of what you don’t want and into what you do want.


Shift: Clearing, healing and resolving what is getting in your way. If it is showing up in your world, you have called it forth into consciousness so you can release it. There are many ways to do this. It is far-reaching and will create powerful change in yourself and your life. Energy Healing really does work. It is one part of the whole. At any given time, you have a variety of life situations you are experiencing. They may not always at first appear to be related, or you are so close to them that you cannot see what is really going on. These life situations are symptoms, and they can lead you directly to the root causes and the underlying energetic situations you are playing out at your deepest level. When you make changes at this level, these things stop showing up. They are showing up for you to clear, heal and resolve, and they are coming to the surface now, because you are asking for things, you are setting intentions and radiating desire. These things that are showing up are in response to that. This is what is showing up that no longer serves you, that you cannot take with you where you want to go, that you cannot hold onto as who you want to be, and that will not be able to exist alongside what you want to have. All of this holds valuable feedback and resources so you can get to the root cause, stop the symptomology that is the repeating life situations showing up in their varied forms, and get to the core of what is really going on, so you can consciously create change for the better.


Act: Your next step is the one that most people get stuck at, and many do not move forward at this point, often for many, many years, sometimes for a lifetime. You must take new action and get new results. Learn to read the feedback, do your work in the physical third-dimensional world, and allow the Universal Energy to work with you and for you. Energy Healing works in the Fifth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension is where we work with our thoughts and feelings. When we stop here, we create a rich inner world that is not reflected in our outer world. We long to escape more and more into this world. Our physical world continues to deteriorate. At some point, we begin to lose the ability to create what we need to meet our basic needs. We are left longing for love, money, relationships, fulfilling work, a home that is our sanctuary, and other worldly things that continue to elude us.


Believe: As we take new action, we are able to build new beliefs, to find and integrate new evidence to support these beliefs, to get rid of limiting beliefs and to anchor in new desirable beliefs that support us very powerfully in manifesting what we desire. We first must do the emotional work of clearing, healing and resolving. Much of this has been overlayed upon who we truly authentically are throughout our life and beginning in utero. This is the stuff that keeps us stuck. We have pushed much of it deep into our unconscious and subconscious, but it is still driving our bus. From here, we can move forward to do the mindset work.

We act on what we believe, not what we know.


Create: Now, you step fully into being the Creator of your own experience. You move away from Victim energy and the perpetual cycle of Victim/Rescuer/Victim and into the powerful cycle of Creator. With more responsibility comes more power. And it is always your choice. Create what you want. Live the life you desire and dream of. This is what I call Quantum Living, and these are the 5 stages, the natural progression you move through to come to this place of Divine Power and Divine Abundance.

We must become the Master before we can Manifest.

Learn to Master your Self, Master your Emotions, Master your Energy, Master your Gifts, and Master your Mindset.