40 Days to Radical Spiritual Leadership: A Breakthrough Program to a Personal and Professional Revolution

Are you looking for a new start in the new year?

Not just a resolution but a REVOLUTION!

The purpose of this 40-Day Program is to lead you into your own Personal Revolution. This is the true Inner Work that will transform your outer world. As we work with Universal Law, Spiritual Principles, and Your Own Energy, whatever needs to happen will. This includes physical changes, mental shifts, emotional healing, and Spiritual transformation. You will discover that external changes happen when we make adjustments in our inner state of being.

The period of 40 days holds tremendous Spiritual significance as related to true Transformation. This is because it takes 40 days to establish any new way of being into our energetic system, and that is our intention during this time together. We are going to erase the old and embrace the new using a variety of powerful tools and processes that you can carry with you throughout 2018 and use over and over again. In 40 days, you can shift into a whole new way of living and being, and transform your world.

This program promises to be both Powerfully Practical and Spiritually Rich to spark radical change within you. Allow these 40 days to stir you, to move you, and see what emerges. Say, Yes, if you are ready to let go of the past and create a new reality. I am certain you will find your way Home and experience it within YOU.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” — T. S. Eliot

Be held in a container for 40 days that supports growth and healing, the opening and expansion of your Spiritual gifts, clarity of your Purpose and your unique contribution, removal of stuck energy, amping up of your personal power, and permission to prosper and thrive.

Our 6-week journey is a breakthrough program designed to uplift, empower, inspire, and transform your way of BEing, DOing, and HAVing.

Your Tools for Transformation include Meditation, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Development, Self-Inquiry, Inspiration, and Transformational Coaching,

This program works for anyone at any age and stage of life. This work will meet you where you are and impact you from that place. If you are looking for true Transformation, to Discover and Empower the Authentic You, and shift into a new state of being that includes a rich Spiritual Life and the Wealth and Wellbeing that is yours, this program is for YOU!

The Program includes:

  • Daily support and guidance through a private Facebook group and email
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Spiritual Practices
  • Weekly Group Meetings that include Teachings and Trainings on Spirituality, Healing, Universal Law, Inspiration, Money Mindset, and Sacred Success Principles
  • Weekly Group Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions
  • Spiritual Tools for your Toolbox
  • Supplemental Materials and Personal Assignments
  • You will have access to a Personal Success Library with tools you can use over and over again

BONUS: Intuitive Success Self-Healing Home Study Course; Intuitive Development, Energy Management, Mindset Mastery (value $197). 

Who Am I to lead you?

I am here to show up for you as Counselor, Chaplain, Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Advisor, Healer, Mentor and Guide.

I am a former Mental Health Therapist, turned Hospital Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor, turned Healer and Energy Medicine Specialist, turned Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Author.

I am an Energy Medicine Specialist and will bring to this program a variety of processes and tools from such powerful modalities as Thetahealing, the One Command, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), EDINA, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness, Sacred Soul Alignments, Ho’oponopono and Advanced Ho’oponopono. This year, I completed an advanced study of Ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale, and it has had a major impact on my life.

I have consistently developed my psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts and abilities over the past 10 years, and I am an Arthur Findlay College trained Spiritual Medium.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance, Seminary Training and Ordination, and have been working in Personal Transformation for over 22 years. I will complete my Doctoral Degree in Transformational Coaching in June 2018. I am a trained and certified Strategic Intervention Specialist with Tony Robbins and Robbins-Madanes Coaching.

I have been on a Spiritual Journey for the past 28 years, and I bring all that I have experienced and learned to stand today in Radical Spiritual Leadership and lead you to a Personal and Professional Revolution!

It begins as soon as you say, Yes, and step in. We start on January 2, 2018.

Make this commitment to yourself and to your growth and evolution. Set yourself up for Sacred Success for 2018.

Join the Journey, and have a plan in place when you wake up on January 2. Your Energetic Exchange is $100.

YES, I AM STEPPING IN! Click Here to Register Now.

I welcome you with all that I am and all that I have into this safe and sacred space.











You can contact me any time at clientcare@michellebarr.com