“If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong.”

mountainposeyogaBy working first from the CORE, it will make you stronger mentally and emotionally and help you build a rock-solid foundation from which you can create everything else!

As the whole of you works together and is completely interrelated – body, mind and spirit – everything else relies on your core. It’s your base, and your center of attraction.

Here’s how to start strong and create what you desire.

C. Clarity

Confusion is one of the things I most often see keeping people stuck. Whenever you get stuck in Confusion, the first thing you want to do is create clarity. It can feel overwhelming, and you may feel like you’re not ready or prepared to get clear. But that’s because you are seeing and feeling your big picture, your big Vision. You only need to create clarity around this moment and your next step. When faced with Confusion, there is always something you can do to move out of Confusion.

Just start with, “What is one thing I need to know?” and when you are able to connect with that information, you can then take an action in that direction.

“I’m confused. I’m stuck.” is an excuse. Confusion is a defense mechanism. It does not serve you. It creates a story, and allows you to live in that story, if you choose. It is a distraction, and it is ultimately avoidance.

Recognize it. Own it. Push through Resistance into Receptivity. Get started right now.
gifttoyouHere is my gift to you, a tool from my coaching toolbox that I use with my clients, and it’s yours. Now, here’s the thing. I want you to use it. Use it once, right now or very soon, then hold onto it, add it to your toolbox, and use it often. This is just one of the powerfully practical and spiritually rich tools I use in my coaching program., and it works equally well for both your business and your life.

“There is always a way forward from wherever you now stand.”

O. Ownership

Getting clarity about the next thing you need to know leads way to an inspired action it is clear you must take next. Now, it’s time to make a decision, and then take ownership of that decision. This is so important, because here’s where a lot of people start to fall apart. The minute they get clarity and make the decision to take that next step, there is often a moment of euphoria followed by the ego fighting for its life. So, then you start second-guessing yourself, doubting yourself, playing back all the programs full of limited beliefs and toxic patterns, until there you are, spinning again.

It’s take a tremendous amount of creative energy to get yourself from here to where you want to be, especially those first few steps. So, you don’t need anything draining your energy, and that’s what those kinds of behaviors do.

As soon as you catch the clarity and make a decision, support yourself in that decision 100%. Sometimes, this takes practice, and, at first, you may only be able to support yourself 100% for a few minutes, a few hours, a day. Notice your own self-talk, and notice the stories you are telling others. It all counts. It all matters.

R. Receptivity

From this new energetic stance, you can begin to receive what you are asking for. Things will begin to show up for you in the physical when you start taking physical action.

Here is another sticking point for many people. You want to recognize that there is a Law of Giving and Receiving. Picture it like the infinity symbol. Some people have their giving blocked, and then there are those of you who are more likely to be reading this that have your receiving blocked.

You want to make sure you are open and allowing the good you are asking for. This is a big part of where doing the energetic work first brings you the best results.

E. Embodiment

Do you see what we are creating here? We get clear on what energetic stance to take and what next step we are going to commit to. Without that, none of the rest of this will bring you what you desire.

Once you are clear, you take ownership. You support yourself 100%. You hold onto your Vision and revisit it every day. It’s your touchstone. All your energy is now being focused to support what you are wanting to create. Picture this as a hose with a strong concentrated spray rather than lots of trickles going off in all directions. Then you open to receive what you are asking for.

It is written in every sacred text, “Ask and it is given.” And, it’s true. You are always given the opportunity to create what you are asking for. It doesn’t always show up in the way you expect it to. It’s not always logical. And it’s often not comfortable. Nevertheless, don’t miss it when it shows up. The clearer you are, the more centered, grounded and focused you are, the quicker and easier it will all come together for you. Just like anything else, you want to execute it from a strong core.

The next step is to pull that focused energy right into you. Imagine it. Own it. Focus on it. Receive it. And embody it. Become one with it. Become the person  who is being what you need to be and doing what you need to do to have what you desire. Call it in.

At this point, it’s important to notice where old habits try to overtake you, fears, doubts, worries, anything that tries to pull you off center. And deal with it immediately. Keep coming back to this new energetic stance you have created for yourself.

If you do this, what you desire will already be a part of your energy fields. It will already exist around you. It’s Universal Law that if you desire something, it does exist for you. Now you’re ready to move into action.

“It takes third-dimensional action to create third-dimensional results. It takes massive third-dimensional action to create massive third-dimensional results.”


Michelle Barr is an Intuitive Success Coach, Business Strategist and Mindset Mentor who loves to help Conscious Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Seekers translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan so they can make big money while making a big difference. She is the Creator and Founder of Spiritual Business School, Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women and LaunchYou.