This is how it works, and I count on it.

My new client was asking the Universe for guidance. She kept feeling the nudging, and she knew a better more Purpose-full life was calling to her. She went to a psychic and had a reading, and there it was, clearly laid out before her, the life she was living now that was less than. And she didn’t like it!

She set a powerful intention right then to use the information being shown to her, to shift that energy and change her life. And things began to happen!

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I did not know this at the time. What I did know is that she began to be on my mind, and then I received a free ticket to an event I was attending in her city, and I offered it to her. At first, I thought, surely she can’t attend. After all, this is during the week, and she works full time, but I followed my inspiration, and I invited her. Turns out, she had just resigned from her job and was available to go.

The event was life-changing for her, and she began to connect the dots. She hired me as her Coach, made a decision to take a scary leap into a Private Coaching Program, and we got started soon after the event was over. And the Universe continued to provide. She has a cousin who contacted her when he found out what she was doing, and he let her know he builds websites and helps with branding and that he was available to help her. She connected with a Teacher at the event and made another decision to study Tarot reading, and people began to show up asking for her services. She is on her way!

Less than 60 days later, she is creating a life she loves and wants to live, a life that will support and sustain her much more than the energy-draining job she decided to leave. She is about to launch her new website, offer her services, and she has a book coming out before the year’s end, that she has finally decided to finish. And suddenly it wasn’t so hard!

TheStarYesterday, during our session together, I told her, your Guides are telling me to ask you what The Star Tarot card means to you, that there is a message there for you. And that is when she told me about the psychic reading she had. She said that in that reading, The Star card was inverted, meaning it was giving her the opposite of the card’s true meaning.

The Star represents for her, “Your Time To Shine. Feeling Good. Feeling Nurtured and Being Able to Nurture Others. Reaching Your Goal.” When she was living the reverse of that, she was feeling fear, overwhelmed, and full of doubt.

But she made a decision to do differently, to be differently, and now she is receiving the promise of desires fulfilled. It’s her Time To Shine!

This is how it works, and I count on it.

  • Pay attention to your desires.
  • Make a decision.
  • Start taking action.
  • Watch for opportunities.
  • Follow the breadcrumbs.
  • Receive your good.
  • Don’t Stop!

I love being able to work with my clients intuitively, energetically and strategically all at the same time. It’s what has made working with her so powerful and amazing. We work with her gifts and her Guidance, we work with the energy, and then we create strategy to bring her Vision into physical form, so she can make money while making a difference, and so that she can live a Purpose-full life.

Extreme Abundance Comes From Living Your Soul Purpose Full Out! If you’re ready to do that, I am here to support and guide you.

She turned it around:

The Star

Upright – Fresh hope and renewal.  Healing of old wounds.  Hope. renewal of faith and hope.  Spiritual love.  A mental and physical broadening of horizons. Promise and fulfillment.  inspiration.  Influence over others.  Vigour and confidence.  Protection.

Ill Dignified or Reversed – Self doubt.  Stubbornness.  Unwillingness or inability to adapt to changing circumstances and accept the opportunities it may bring.  Lack of trust and self-doubt.  Obstacles to happiness.  Diminished life.  Inability to freely express oneself.  Rigidity of mind.

You can, too!