I’m very curious and having conversations all over the place today about this idea.

What are your feelings about it?

moneyinhandI received these quotes both from mentors of mine, both yesterday as I was building my new website and my new platform which addresses this issue of money and spirituality and doing our work in the world.

“Being poor is not noble. Being poor sucks. And I’m tired of seeing amazinghealers, spiritual teachers and shamans undercharge as well as women entrepreneurs so concerned about ‘selling’ and what everyone else thinks about them. It’s none of your business what anyone else thinks about you! Your business is to PROFIT in every area of your life from a place of INTEGRITY – which means… LIVING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE… even if ‘others’ don’t like it.” — Baeth Davis

“Within the bounds of my calling and ethical practice, I believe I have the moral obligation to make as much money as I can. Why? Because there are people in need, and I have the opportunity to help them.” — Michael Hyatt

My Story:

The new non-profit work will not be done by overworked, underpaid, overgiving, stressed out and burned out employees struggling to maintain a life while they strive to make a difference. Instead, it will be done by Conscious Entrepreneurs who are thriving through the creation of powerful for-profit purpose-full businesses that provide them everything they need so they can give from a full well to those in need.

I spent over a decade doing the former. Now, I am doing the latter.

This is huge. And it’s already happening. Be a part of it!

Tell me how this makes you feel and what you think about it. I really want to know.

My prediction: Some boats are gonna be rocked.