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How to Be Pursued Rather than Pursuing

So that  your Divinely Aligned Clients come running toward you with their hands raised!

Isn’t it time your work reflected who you are and made you money?

You have a Unique Combination that makes you a Unique Contribution to this world.

Did you know you can Be the Contribution you are here to be and get paid well for it?

Imagine if someone could clearly see your unique message and the people who are waiting to hear it, and reflect it back to you.

Imagine that same person could create for you a solid plan to take it out into the world, help you develop the skills and content, and offer you the intuitive, energetic, and strategic support you need every step of the way.

I’m so glad you found me.

If you want to:

✔️ Create clear messaging and a clear offer that reflects who you really are
✔️ Build a Personality Branded Platform so you are pursued rather than pursuing
✔️ Speak for Your Business online and offline to attract more and better clients, uplevel your income and make the impact you are here to make
✔️ Craft your Signature Talk and use it to grow your business
✔️ Create a 90-Day Valuable Content Plan that gets you out there everywhere in a very effective way
✔️ Learn how to use Facebook as your Power Tool
✔️ Receive a Money Mindset Makeover
✔️ Attract your Divinely Aligned Clients
✔️ Tap into your true Soul’s Expression and monetize it
✔️ Use your Intuition and Energy in your business every day for expanded results
✔️ Have a Profitable Sustainable Business that support and sustains the life you want to be living
✔️ Wake up living your Dream

I’m Michelle Barr, Your Mentor and Guide

I coach and train Spiritual Entrepreneurs both to add speaking to your business to increase your income and impact, and to build the foundation and personality-branded platform that brings you the clients and income when you go out and speak.

I am The Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, and as one myself, I help you Clear, Heal and Resolve what is keeping you from this life and this work you know is possible and this Soul Purpose that calls to you.

I connect to your Soul Purpose and help you create your Soul Brand. I get you into inspired action that creates the results you are looking for.


I will lead you to a life where you will:

  • Live More Boldly
  • Step Into Your True Calling
  • Make More Money through Being the Contribution you are here to be


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Your Soul is speaking to you. Let me translate the message and turn
that into a plan that transforms your business and your life.

Let’s connect and talk now!