Where Business Growth Meets Spiritual Growth

Stop Living Your Wounding and Start Living Your Extraordinary.


Identify What You Most Need to Transform to Succeed.


Reprogram Yourself for Sacred Success.


This is the place for you to truly:


  • Achieve Business Growth and Success through Personal and Spiritual Growth.
  • Discover the Truth that is your important Purpose on Earth.
  • Connect with Your Soul Purpose and Express that in Your Business and Your Life.
  • Heal, Clear and Resolve What Is in Your Way So You Can Be Who You’re Here to Be Faster and Sooner.
  • Create a Life You Love and a Business that Supports and Sustains it.

Your Soul is pulling you to your Divine Duty and your Divine Destiny, which brings with it all the Abundance that’s always been waiting for you.

If you’re like me, you’ve done a lot of Personal and Spiritual Growth work, and you want to experience the Infinite and Abundant Universe you believe in. To do that, you can’t avoid the Void. It’s a place of deep choice. There are things that are standing in the way between you and everything you desire and deserve.


I’m Michelle Barr, and I’m glad you found me.

I’M YOUR COACH when YOU Are What’s in Your Way.


I’ll stand with you in the Void. I’ll help you Clear, Heal and Resolve what is keeping you from this Life you know is possible and this Purpose that calls to you.

I will Lead you to a Life that gives you: More Fun. More Money. More Satisfying Work. More Passion. More Play. More Travel. More Sex.  More Sleep. Better Health.


A Life where you will Live More Boldly, Step Into Your True Calling. 


Through our work together, you will: Bust Through Limiting Beliefs. Release Anger. Free Yourself from Fear. Heal Trauma. Get out of the past. Stress Less. Master Your Emotions.

What Do You Most Need to Transform to Succeed?


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There are 5 Core Issues that all these limiting beliefs stem from. Imagine a house of cards that builds layer upon layer on itself. Shift one card, and the whole thing comes crashing down. 

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